Pharmacology M.S. Learning Outcomes

PLO 1. Knowledge and understanding

  • Explain effectively the fundamental principles of pharmacology 
  • Demonstrate subject mastery in molecular, cellular, and integrative aspects of systemic pharmacology 
  • Discuss effectively major applications of fundamental knowledge of pharmacology in the pharmaceutical industries and clinical therapy 
  • Discuss current approaches to global drug discovery and related legislative regulations 
  • Appraise experimental laboratory techniques and discuss the limitations of techniques and disease models used in drug research

PLO 2. Intellectual skills

  • Apply fundamental scientific knowledge of pharmacology and problem solving strategies to develop innovative solutions to specific problems in pharmacology 
  • Critically review, analyze, and interpret the literature relating to pharmacology research 
  • Critically appraise sources of literature for validity and usefulness, identifying gaps in pharmacology knowledge 
  • Formulate focused questions and generate hypotheses based on current pharmacology knowledge

PLO 3. Professional and Practical Skills

  • Apply basic science knowledge and skills to experimental study design, management and data analysis and interpretation 
  • Use statistically appropriate reasoning and methods in research design, data analysis and problem solving in pharmacology research 
  • Discuss the principles of scientific and professional ethics and standards of ethical conduct of research 
  • Demonstrate professionalism and high ethical standards in pharmacology research

PLO 4. Transferable skills

  • Demonstrate self-direction and originality in implementing a research project 
  • Function as an effective team leader and member on pharmacology projects
  • Develop independent and autonomy in learning, managing requirements and undertaking research tasks with minimum guidance 
  • Communicate science effectively with a variety of audiences using a range of techniques, defend research findings orally and in writing
  • Demonstrate self-evaluation skills, reflecting on own and others’ functioning

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