Political Science B.A. Learning Outcomes

  1. Have a basic knowledge of the political institutions and processes of the government of the United States.
  2. Have a basic knowledge of political theory, political systems around the globe, and/or political in the international arena.
  3. Understand the role of empirical evidence in relation to scientific theories.
  4. Demonstrate critical thinking skills as well as formulate and defend a thesis in written and verbal forms of communication.
  5. Design and apply appropriate research methods to investigate political questions, including:
    • formulate well reasoned questions for political inquiry
    • gather empirical evidence
    • summarize empirical evidence
    • evaluate what the empirical evidence implies for the research questions
    • effectively communicate the results of empirical inquiry
  6. Possess the skills required to use political science knowledge in the 21st century, including technological competence for:
    • conducting research
    • searching for literature and other scholarly resources
    • analyzing information
    • writing reports
    • presenting results
    • good citizenship

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