About Us

Under the direction of Dr. Venette Van Duyn, the Center for Assessment and Applied Research provides campus leaders with information to support excellence in undergraduate education. As our name implies, our Center has a dual function—we lead UCI through the assessment of student learning outcomes process, and we conduct applied research studies on all aspects of the undergraduate experience.

The Assessment Process takes place at all levels—course, academic program, and general education—and we’re here to help at each step along the way:

  • Establish Student Learning Outcomes
  • Gather information on student progress toward achieving the outcomes
  • Use information to inform decision-making, planning, and program improvement

The Applied Research Process can involve multiple steps, and we will tailor our services to meet your needs:

  • Gather Data—use preexisting institutional data or collect new data by designing and administering surveys or facilitating focus groups
  • Analyze Data—perform descriptive and/or inferential statistics on quantitative data and identify thematic patterns in qualitative data
  • Interpret Data—explain the analysis results, and if applicable, provide a report evaluating your program or policy

We’re here to help. Please contact Venette Van Duyn to request services.