Academic Senate Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee, an Academic Senate committee formed in Spring 2010, provides structure to the campus’ assessment efforts, as well as a line of responsibility for assessment. To visit the web page for the Assessment Committee, go to: UCI Academic Senate Assessment Committee.

By developing assessment policies, overseeing assessment efforts campuswide, and making recommendations to departments, schools, and the Academic Senate, the Assessment Committee ensures that the value of assessment for informing and improving curricula and student learning becomes a permanent part of the UCI culture.

The Committee’s work extends to the program, general education, and institutional levels. At the program (undergraduate major) level, the Committee works with departments to provide guidance concerning assessment, conducts reviews of assessment plans and reports, and makes recommendations for improving student learning. At the level of general education, the Committee develops and maintains procedures for the assessment of general education courses and their learning outcomes. At the institutional level, the committee is integral to WASC accreditation.

Membership in the Assessment Committee includes one faculty member from each School that offers at least one undergraduate degree, with an additional two members selected from the Council on Educational Policy (CEP), one of whom serves as chair.