Assessment of General Education

This page contains information about the assessment of General Education courses at UCI. You will find here (1) Course-level student learning outcomes for each General Education category (2) Summary of assessment results for the General Education categories, and (3) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UCI’s requirements for assessing General Education courses.

UCI’s Council on Educational Policy (CEP) approved course level student learning outcomes for General Education in June 2011. The goal of these GE course level outcomes was to identify outcomes that could be achieved by the cluster of courses offered in each GE category.

General Education Course-Level Learning Outcomes

Category I: Writing

Category II: Science and Technology

Category III: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Category IV: Arts and Humanities

Category Va: Quantitative Literacy

Category Vb: Formal Reasoning

Category VI: Languages Other Than English

Category VII: Multicultural Studies

Category VIII: International and Global Issues

Summary of Assessment Results for GE Categories

Category I: Writing – 2008-2012

Category VII: Multicultural Studies – 2011

Categories II and III: Science and Technology, Social and Behavioral Sciences – 2014-2015

As assessment data is collected for the remaining GE categories, this section will be updated.


FAQs about UCI’s Requirements for Assessing General Education courses