Learning Outcomes for Art History 4+1 M.A.

PLO 1. Core Knowledge

  • Extending their BA coursework, students will broaden their understanding of various subfields of art history, theoretical debates and frameworks, and historical contexts.
  • Students will identify a field or fields and begin to develop specialized knowledge.

PLO 2. Research Methods and Analysis

Students will:

  • Read and critically evaluate art historical literature.
  • Attain competence in the use of resources for art historical research.
  • Become acquainted with graduate-level methods of research in art history.
  • Engage in research at the beginning graduate level.

PLO 3. Scholarly Communication

Students should be able to:

  • Understand current debates in the field.
  • Present their research in effective oral presentation.
  • Engage in Q&As and other kinds of current research and graduate-level conversation and argumentation.
  • Increase skills in analytical academic writing to near-professional or professional level.

PLO 4. Professionalization

Students should be able to:

  • Determine whether to pursue further training in a Ph.D. Program.
  • Investigate career options related to art history: museum curator, art gallery jobs, etc.
  • Manage their time for the various demands of any career.
  • Understand complex curricular and bureaucratic structures, how to think critically about them, and how to problem solve without alienating colleagues or administrators.

PLO 5. Independent Research

  • Students will conceive, research, write, and revise an original Master’s Thesis.

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