Graduate Process

UCI conducts assessments simply and effectively to facilitate continuous improvements of student learning.

Graduate programs are expected to complete assessment reports on a regular schedule to be reviewed by UCI’s Academic Senate to facilitate continuous improvement

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Assessment Reports

The reporting process for graduate programs is currently being piloted and will mirror the reporting process for undergraduate programs. That is, programs will be expected to report on the following:

  1. A summary of how previous assessment findings have been integrated into the program to improve student learning.
  2. A review of the program’s current learning outcomes to evaluate whether such outcomes continue to represent the program’s aims.
  3. A method for reviewing student learning in relation to the program’s learning outcome(s), including descriptions of evidence and the faculty & staff involved in reviewing student work. 
  4. A review of assessment results, including supporting data and evidence.
  5. A discussion of how the current assessment will be used to facilitate improvements in student learning.

Please view a template for reporting assessments here.

Reporting Schedule

The reporting schedule for graduate programs is being constructed, and the schedule is likely to mirror that of the Assessment Schedule for Undergradaute Majors.

That is, programs will be expected to assess approximately one learning outcome per year and compile and present the results of these assessments to the Academic Senate once every five years.

Assessment Reviews

The review process for graduate program assessment has not been finalized, but it will be overseen by the Academic Senate.

Please view the Rubric for Reviewing Program Assessment Reports to learn more about the criteria the Senate uses in their reviews of Undergradaute Majors.

Continuous Improvement

Faculty use the results of assessment work and feedback from the Academic Senate to strengthen assessment practices and to improve teaching and learning.

Please see the Using Learning Outcomes Assessment to Improve Academic Programming document to review ways to utilize assessment for continuous academic improvment. 

Graduate Assessment Pilot

The process for graduate program assessment is currently being piloted in five programs. 

These programs have been provided with a curriculum mapping template and guide, tips for assessing academic programs, and an assessment reporting template. 

CAAR will be working with these programs to assess 1+ student learning outcome during the Fall quarter to help them improve their academic programming. Moreover, the programs will provide CAAR with feedback to refine the graduate assessment process before it is deployed campuswide next year. 

Learning Outcomes

View the learning outcomes of UCI’s graduate programs.


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