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Call for Proposals –  General Education Faculty Learning Community

Submit by October 14th, 2022

Do you regularly teach a General Education Category II course (Science and Technology)? Are you interested in participating in a faculty learning community with other GE instructors, and learning best practices for excellence in GE teaching and learning? The Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation, in partnership with the Center for Assessment and Applied Research, is pleased to announce the creation of a General Education Faculty Learning Community, which will support student success in Science and Technology courses across UCI.


  • Senate faculty or full-time Unit 18 Continuing Lecturers with an interest in promoting student success in General Education Science and Technology courses
  • Faculty who have taught a GE Category II course at UCI for at least 3 quarters
  • Faculty available to meet with members of the Learning Community at least 4 times throughout the Fall 2022 quarter


Participants in the GE Faculty Learning Community will receive $1,000 in research funds to complete the following activities

  • Meet with the Learning Community approximately 4 times throughout Fall 2022; facilitated by the Directors of Faculty Development and Assessment/Applied Research
  • Identify current assessment strategies in GE II courses and identify content areas where students do well, and where they struggle
  • Explore whether the current GE Category II learning outcomes should be refined
  • Assist with developing and piloting an online assessment survey that will be administered to all GE II undergraduates at the end of the quarter, and that assesses the extent students have met the learning outcomes for the GE Category
  • Based on survey results, make recommendations for a final survey that can be administered to all GE II students regularly or, optionally, integrated into instructors’ final exams. Summarize findings to determine content areas where students struggle, and make recommendations for improvements to facilitate student learning in those areas
  • Results from the project will be used by Faculty Development to conduct ongoing workshops for excellence in GE pedagogy.
  • Faculty participating in the Learning Community will pledge to share results within their department with the goal of continuous improvement of the administration of GE

How to Apply

  • Proposals should be emailed to Venette Van Duyn at Proposals are due: October 14th, 2022
  • Please include the following items in your proposal (approximately 1 page in length):
    • Academic title, Department, GE Category II courses taught
    • Brief description of assessment methods used in your GE courses and strategies you have implemented for improving these courses
    • Describe how you intend to share results of your participation in the Learning Community within your department, and how you might share best practices for GE instruction.

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