Learning Outcomes for East Asian Studies M.A./Ph.D.

PLO 1. Core Knowledge

  •  Our students will gain an understanding of various topics, approaches, and an area of specialization. They will also have adequate historical coverage.

  • They will demonstrate advanced research knowledge of one East Asian language, and sometimes reading knowledge of a second foreign language as needed.

  • Students will demonstrate competence in their field of speciality.

  • Students  will demonstrate capacity to carry out a sustained research project.

PLO 2. Research Methodology

  • Students will gain an understanding of research at the graduate level.

  • Students will engage in extensive research at the graduate level in order to write a dissertation expected to lead to the first book.

PLO 3. Pedagogy

  • Our students will be able to teach both language classes and content courses in their area of specialization.

PLO 4. Scholarly Communication

Our students will:

  • gain familiarity with current scholarly questions in a range of academic fields
  • present their work in progress in on-campus forums
  • present papers at conferences
  • submit papers to professional journals

PLO 5. Professionalization

  • Our students will be able to perform well in interviews, discuss their research and teaching competently.

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