Learning Outcomes for European Thought and Culture M.A. 

PLO 1. Core Knowledge

  • Students will acquire an understanding of various topics, approaches, genres, theoretical issues in European thought and culture.  They will gain adequate historical coverage.
  • Students have three Core Seminars that emphasis different core knowledges: diachronic study, periodization, and European thought in non-European contexts.
  • They will have already demonstrated reading knowledge in one European language other than English.
  • Students will demonstrate a capacity to carry out a sustained research project.
  • Because the program is interdisciplinary, students will be exposed to a variety of approaches (history, philosophy, literature, cultural studies). Each student will then focus on one discipline for their final quarter of study (thesis or exam)

PLO 2. Research Methods and Analysis

  • Students will gain an understanding of research at the graduate level.
  • Students will engage in extensive research at the graduate level in order to write their M.A. thesis. (Students do have the option of an exam but will nonetheless take seminars that teach research methods.)

PLO 3. Pedagogy

  • The M.A. has no independent teaching for its students. Occasional TAships may be available in departments in the School of Humanities with the required training.

PLO 4. Professional Engagement and Communication

Students should:

  • Gain familiarity with current questions being addressed by scholars in a range of academic fields.
  • Present their own work in progress in on-campus forums.
  • Organize reading groups and discussion sessions.

PLO 5. Professionalism

Students should be able to:

  • Assess their commitment to the profession. One of the main goals of the M.A. is for students to become better prepared for eventual Ph.D. programs.
  • Become part of the community of scholars.
  • Perform well in interviews (being able to communicate clearly their research and their teaching experience).

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