Drama MFA Learning Outcomes

The University of California, Irvine Masters of Fine Arts in Drama is organized into five programs –
Acting, Design, Directing, Music Direction and Stage Management. Collectively, the Drama MFA
Programs Learning Outcomes align under these three training directives:

PLO 1. Research Methods and Analysis

a. Gain and deepen understanding of script and text analysis methodology and procedures

b. Develop extensive knowledge base through research and dramaturgy

PLO 2. Engagement and Communication

a. Increase skill in professional techniques of specialization

b. Learn to discourse fluently and collaboratively with others

c. Present variety of artistic work to faculty and other students in the Drama community

PLO 3. Professionalization

a. Assess and analyze involvement in and commitment to excellence in scholarship, academics, and performance

b. Expand interview abilities and audition techniques for collaboration and casting

c. Gain a competency in the discussion of research, teaching experience and creative work

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