Drama & Theatre Ph.D. Learning Outcomes

The Doctoral Program in Drama and Theatre is a joint program of Drama at UCI and Theatre at UCSD,
the only one in the country and has the largest doctoral faculty of any Drama programs in the nation.
The joint program learning outcomes are organized around a five-year plan:

PLO 1. Year One: General Core Knowledge

a. two required seminars (Theory and Research Method)
b. elective seminars or independent studies.
c. prepare for the first year Comprehensive Exam,

PLO 2. Year Two: Defining Dissertation Field and Training

a. Form their dissertation fields and preliminary dissertation committee by working with
individual faculty members, either through seminars or independent studies.
b. Teach undergraduate course titled ‘Development of Drama’
i. Syllabus provided by program head
ii. Individual customizes syllabus in alignment with their expertise
c. Identify through intense research 50 sources – articles, plays, books, archival materials –
which will define broad dissertation field
d. Prepare for language exam
e. Prepare for their second year Oral Exam

PLO 3. Year Three: Preparing Advacement to Candidacy

a. Finish required coursework
b. Compile a bibliography and review of literature of the dissertation field, and to write a
dissertation prospectus
c. Pass language exam
d. Form dissertation committee
e. Develop and write two well-researched papers related to chosen dissertation topic
f. Prepare for and pass the third year Qualifying Exam.

PLO 4. Year Four and Five: Dissertation and Publication

a. Research and write dissertation
b. Engage in university teaching
c. Strengthen professional skills by attending conferences
d. Pursue the publishing of articles in known publications
e. Complete dissertation (250-300 pages) of original research
f. Defend dissertation in front of a dissertation committee with faculty from both campuses

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