Informatics M.S./Ph.D. Learning Outcomes

PLO 1. Core Knowledge

  • graduate students will demonstrate wide knowledge of core areas in their overall field of study as well as comprehensive and advanced knowledge in their more specialized area of inquiry.

PLO 2. Research Methods and Analysis

  • graduate students will understand, assess, and apply a range of research methodologies. 

PLO 3. Pedagogy

  • graduate students will plan and engage in classroom pedagogy consistent with undergraduate education in their overall field of study.

PLO 4. Scholarly Communication

  • graduate students will produce written and oral communication of quality, as consistent with the focus of their graduate program, and as suited for different audiences.

PLO 5. Professionalism and Ethics

  • graduate students will know, engage with, and participate in the intellectual and organizational aspects of their profession, including the ethical conduct of research.

PLO 6. Independent Research

  • graduate students will conduct independent research resulting in one or more original scientific contributions.

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