Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate advanced levels of clinical judgment, systems thinking and accountability in designing, delivering, and evaluating evidence‐based care to improve patient outcomes.
  • Integrate nursing science, science‐based theory, and systems knowledge into the development and evaluation of new practice approaches to care.
  • Employ advanced communication skills and processes to lead quality improvement and safety initiatives.
  • Apply analytic methods to the critical appraisal of literature and other evidence to develop and support best practice.
  • Disseminate data from evidence‐based practice and research to support improvements in health outcomes.
  • Convene and lead interprofessional, collaborative stakeholder teams to create change and advance positive health outcomes.
  • Generate, evaluate, and articulate innovative solutions to complex care issues.
  • Analyze the impact of local, national, and global health policy on determinants of care decisions.
  • Effectively synthesize data from research, practice evidence, and other credible sources to drive care recommendations and policy.
  • Advocate for nursing and socially‐ and ethically relevant policy in health care design and delivery.

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