Earth Systems Science M.S./Ph.D. Learning Outcomes

PLO 1. Core Knowledge

  • Understand how basic sciences (physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology) related to the major processes and systems governing Earth’s climate, biogeochemical cycles, and global change  Explain the current and projected future state of the Earth system in the context of past climate change and current human activities  Acquire a multidisciplinary vocabulary sufficient to understand the scientific literature relevant to Earth system science.

PLO 2. Research Methods and Analysis

  • Understand the methods used to collect and analyze or simulate environmental data, and to interpret results in the context of underlying theory.  Acquire sufficient specialized knowledge to conduct independent research

PLO 3. Pedagogy

  • Use pedagogical practices in discussions, lesson plans, and/or lectures to lead a group to improved understanding of scientific material

PLO 4. Scholarly Communication

  • Effectively communicate scientific knowledge in talks, posters, and manuscripts

PLO 5. Professionalism

  • Work collaboratively to understand and address complex problems related to the Earth system

PLO 6. Independent Research

  • Design and conduct original high quality research

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