Master of Advanced Study (MAS) in Criminology, Law and Society Learning Outcomes

PLO 1. Engage in Social Science Inquiry

  • Formulate questions and effectively locate, summarize, and evaluate social science research to answer those questions

PLO 2. Interpret & Use Data Evidence

  • Critically consume and use data and representations of data by evaluating their relative strengths and limitations as data

PLO 3. Synthesize Research

  • Summarize and combine theories, concepts, and research evidence to answer questions and solve problems

PLO 4. Communicate & Collaborate with Stakeholder Partners

  • Value communication and collaboration as tools for negotiating, creating, and implementing new solutions

PLO 5. Create and Apply Solutions

  • Work to solve local, national, and international problems in criminology, law, and society with the goal of strengthening communities and improving lives

PLO 6. Engage as Empowered Actors

  • Act within professional communities in a way that both embodies personal values and beliefs as well as aligns with scientific evidence

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