Nursing Ph.D. Learning Outcomes

PLO 1. Research/knowledge development

  • Utilize professional and research ethics and judgment in the conduct of research
  • Conduct independent original research
  • Critique and integrate different scientific perspectives in the conduct of original research
  • Engage in and prepare to lead interdisciplinary research teams
  • Situate their knowledge within the history and philosophy of science
  • Conduct culturally and linguistically compentent scholarship

PLO 2. Leadership

  • Lead in advancing the discipline through scholarly and scientific contributions
  • Provide career and research mentorship to others

PLO 3. Dissemination

  • Communicate scholarship to professional, interdisciplinary, policy, and lay audiences
  • Communicate scholarship through publications and presentations

PLO 4. Policy

  • Demonstrate understanding of the influence of politics and policy on knowledge generation and implementation

PLO 5. Substantive area of specialization 

  • Demonstrate mastery of in-depth knowledge in a substantive area

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