Political Science Ph.D. Learning Outcomes

PLO 1. Core Disciplinary Knowledge

Students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of major theoretical traditions in political science
  • Demonstrate knowledge of intellectual currents and debates important to the history and development of political science
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key debates and contemporary research in at least two subfields of the discipline

PLO 2. Research Methods and Analysis

Students should be able to:

  • Frame empirical research questions guided by theory
  • Identify an appropriately apply a range of methods used by political scientists with attention to the strengths and limitations of different research methods for different research questions in the discipline
  • Undertake methodologically rich and sound research throughout the graduate program guided by faculty review
  • Understand and follow research ethics protocols

    PLO 3. Scholarly Communication

    Students should:

    • Regularly review recently published scholarship in fields of concentration in the discipline
    • Produce writing appropriate for a scholarly publication by their second year in the program
    • Review and cogently summarize relevant literatures
    • Structure an argument and support it with evidence
    • Effectively present research in both oral and written presentations

    PLO 4. Professionalism and Professional Engagement

    Students should:

    • Contribute to the shared culture of the department, School, university, and the profession
    • Publish scholarly work in outlets appropriate for their fields of study
    • Develop profession networks
    • Present scholarly work to their peers and publicly
    • Undertake research ethically
    • Participate in professional meetings
    • Collegially evaluate others’ work
    • Adhere to tenets of academic integrity and academic collegiality

    PLO 5. Independent Research

    Students should:

    • Develop a research specialization positioned in a major subfield(s) of the discipline
    • Design independent research project in accordance with the standards in the field and under the advisement of Departmental faculty
    • Produce scholarship that will be suitable for publication in profession outlets appropriate to the subfield(s) of research specialization

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