Art B.A. Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn the basic skills, vocabulary, and aesthetics of the discipline.
  2. Conceive, design, realize, and assess art works.
  3. Develop creativity and original thinking.
  4. Gain knowledge of the qualities and applications of contemporary and traditional art-making
  5. materials.
  6. Work safely and properly with all manner of tools and equipment.
  7. Work collaboratively on group projects.
  8. Foster respect and active cooperation in spite of differences
  9. Describe art verbally and in written form.
  10. Think critically about the issues of value, representation, hierarchy, and power that condition our understanding of what constitutes art.
  11. Recognize major figures and movements in the history of art, and understand their relevance to the current practice of art.
  12. Pursue a career in art as an intellectual and creative endeavor.

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