Spanish B.A. Learning Outcomes

  1. Write and speak Spanish with clarity and accuracy; and have solid reading abilities in that same language.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of and respect for cultural diversity, especially that related to Latin America and Spain.
  3. Read and analyze texts and discourses in the context of existing Latin American and Iberian analyses involving literature (Literary Emphasis), film (Cinema Emphasis), or linguistics (Teaching Emphasis).
  4. Obtain the ability to verbally communicate and debate ideas, especially those related to culture and the field of their specialization (i.e., Emphasis).
  5. Be sensitive to the social, linguistic, and ethnic differences that characterize the Hispanic world, and know how to use that knowledge in a constructive manner when interacting with students of various Latino backgrounds.
  6. Have an appreciation for the sociohistorical contexts that have produced the literary, linguistic, or cinematic traditions of Latin America and Spain (here expectations are specific to each one of our 3 Emphases: Literature and Culture; Teaching; Cinema).

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