History M.A. / Ph.D.

Departments and programs express their aspirations for student performance through their Program Learning Outcomes.

Learning Outcomes for History M.A./Ph.D.

Students will have:


PLO 1. Foundation in critical theory and methodology in historical inquiry.

PLO 2. Foundation in debates and methodologies of a first regional field (Latin America, U.S., Asia, Europe, North Africa & Middle East, or World History).

PLO 3. Foundation in debates and methodologies of a second field, either regional or thematic, including the above-named regional areas and thematic emphasis such as History of Gender and Sexuality; Global Migrations, Slavery, and Diaspora; Science and Medicine; Environment; Empire and Colonialism.

PLO 4. Ability to conduct research with primary and secondary sources and to write a strong, analytical historical research paper.

PLO 5. Comprehensive teaching knowledge in two or more historical fields. (Required for passing qualifying exams.)

PLO 6. Strong written expression of proposed dissertation project in both grant applications and the required dissertation prospectus. (Vetted in spring of the third year.) Includes a strong narrative explaining the arch of the project, key research questions, methodologies, archival and other sources, and a compelling argument for why this project should be undertaken.

PLO 7. Successful execution of the research and writing of a dissertation – an original piece of scholarship based on archival research and other sources with a clear argument in each chapter and for the project as a whole. The dissertation should make an original contribution to a field (or subfield) of debates in the discipline of history.

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